Our Mission

When K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) Web-Page Developer was established, we set our 'sites' on providing one-on-one personal service to Startup, Home-Based and Small Businesses who want to utilize today's internet technology without feeling intimidated by the larger web site development firms and the seemingly overwhelming development process.

Operating as a small web site development company with low overhead costs, allows us to produce quality web sites at very competitive prices. By supplying cost-effective web site solutions, we help small businesses exceed their expectations of success by allowing them to compete on a national and even global scale.

Development Costs

Web site development costs run, on average $50 per 'Standard' or 'Capture' web-page. A 'Standard' or 'Capture' web-page refers to a single screen shot in which the script and artwork are supplied by the client. All standard web-pages include: basic page layout and links to outside sources or a simple contact form. A 'contact form' consist of 4 or 5 pieces of information and a 300 character comment section, that the viewer will fill in. Also included is installation of the web-page to the hosting site.

Additional services requested outside the 'Standard' or 'Capture' web site rate are billed by the hourly rates listed below. Please contact me via phone, e-mail or our web site contact page for a FREE Web Site Estimate.

Consulting = $35  
Site Maintenance = $35
Programming = $50 (Javascripting, CGI)
System Application Upgrading & Configuration = $65  

CALL TODAY for a FREE consultation and project estimate.

Hosting Packages

K.I.S.S. Web-Page Developer is working with a hosting company get you the best price and get your web site online - whether it's a simple brochure site, or an advanced site.

Hosting Packages:

Hosting Costs:

* 12 Month Price: Annually $95.40
* 24 Month Price: Annually $166.80

* One Time Set-up Fee = $25.00, This charge is waved if you do the initial sign up yourself.

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NOTE: Have a web site name picked out prior. May need to check your web site name to make sure that it is not already taken.

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